Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

We are honored that you chose us. We want to uphold the trust you’ve placed in us, which is why we believe in respecting your privacy. Our privacy policy is very straightforward and is in accordance with the UK Data Protection Act 1998. Please go through our privacy policy before you make an order.

The Details We Gather From Our Users

To process the order users have placed with us, we have to collect their personal information. The details we gather is added to our database and kept there temporarily in a secure manner. Users are asked to give their name, contact number, and their email address when trying to place an order with us. We may also request our users to share additional information with us for the purpose of surveys and internal assessment. Rest assured, we do not divulge this information to any third party services.

Why Do We Collect These Details

The reasons why we collect information from our users have been given below:

  • To complete the ordering process
  • To successfully complete the payment process
  • For effective communication between the user and us
  • To make our site more user-friendly by bringing about suggested changes
  • To sort out any issues the user encounters
  • To put an end to unethical practices carried out on our website and to protect it from harmful endeavors

Cookie Policy also gathers details with the help of cookies in order to improve the user experience and offer better services. Cookies help us to -

  • Recognize the user and give him access to the various services on our website
  • Keep tabs on the details collected, which in turn, help users to place future orders in a smooth manner
  • To detect the specific pattern of the user’s activity in order to improve and customize our services according to user preferences.

If our users are unwilling to share their information via cookies with us, they can disable the settings in their browsers or clear their cache. However, in case if users go for this option, they will not be able to get access to some of our services.

How We Keep Your Information Secure

We firmly maintain user privacy and keep the information provided securely in our database. We do not divulge the details to third-party vendors under any circumstances whatsoever and allow access only to our technical team. However, if the law commands, we are obligated to reveal user information. We may take such an action if legal processes and judicial proceedings are involved in order to protect the rights of our company and its employees.